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We are bee removal experts with over 20 years experience in helping customers.

Just a few Honey bees or wasps could mean problems. Whether you see just a handful of bees in a tree, bees on the roof, or bees in the wall, there might be more. A lot more! There could actually be upwards of 10,000 to 50,000 bees inside setting up camp.  

Quality you can trust

Each of our bee professionals is highly trained and has years of experience in all forms of beehive removal and wasp nest removal.

 Ordinary general exterminators do NOT know how to get rid of bees or wasps the proper way. In fact, many use dangerous chemicals and other methods that are not only unnecessary, but also potentially harmful to you and your family. 

When you call ABC Bee Control, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have an expert to get rid of your bees (and the beehive) right away.

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Did bees just take over your home?

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Customer Reviews

We had an active bee problem inside a stucco wall. ABC came over the same day because they were in the area on another job. He even called back to let us know he was running a little later than expected. No problem, we waited all summer to take care of the bees anyway. ABC took care of it very quickly, we shouldn't have waited so long.”

Debi B.  Long Beach, CA

I wake up and there were bees everywhere on the side of my house. I called ABC Bee Control and they were so great, super friendly and completely professional. They took care of the problem and were on time with a great prices. I really love Supporting local companies that are hard workers.

Lisa P.  Long Beach, CA

Have a bee swarm? First, Don't Panic! Call us.

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Our Expertise

Bee Rescue

As professional beekeepers, we know how to safely capture and relocate bees without killing them. We can do this by vacuuming them with a bee vac or simply placing the hive in a bee box. We use all the proper equipment to ensure safety for everyone, and we will remove all remnants of the nest as well.

We are a professional wasp removal company with extensive experience in removing wasps and nesting sites. We safely remove all forms of wasps.

Wasp Control

It’s no secret that bees play a vital role in our environment. Scientists say that every third mouthful of food on our planet is made thanks to bees that pollinated our crops around the globe. Without bees, our food resources would be severely diminished.


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